18 November 2015

Being busy is the new happy

I was wearing

Anja Rubik Tailored Jacket, United Color of Benetton Shirt, Mia and Maja Kotala Pants,
H&M Shoes, Maja Kotala Tie, Saint Laurent Hat, Brando Milano Bag

Finding the perfect outfit to work is a challenge for every women. 
Waking up every morning ,and regardless of having a full wardrobe, we always complain that there is nothing to wear.

I am an architect, I compete everyday with men and women who are incredibly talented. 
What I wear needs to define me and to say: I am confident, yet balanced and not to overwhelm the client to be.

Black and white seems like an obvious choice. 
But how can I make it to stand out from the crowd ?
I have chosen a classic shirt with a woollen Maja Kotala necktie, comfortable boots- cause You never know when you have to run to the next meeting and classic MIA crisp trouser with a twist on the bottom.
Small leather belting finish - which only will be notice by a real fashionista. 
Safe, but still with character once completed with the Saint Laurent Hat.

I am happy to say that this photoshoot is part of the story I made with Maja Kotala
Together we tried to present the day in Paris by La Monochrome.

1 comment:

  1. Świetne spodnie, niby takie zwyczajne a jednak mają pazur :) świetna stylizacja, niby oczywista/klasyczna a jednak ma coś w sobie :) zresztą lubie połączenie bieli z czernią w każdym wydaniu!