6 March 2016

Royal Palace Brussels

I was wearing

H&M Fur and Pants, Zara Necklace, Zara High Knee Boots, 
United Color of Benetton Bag

There is nothing more difficult these days then finding the time for things which truly makes us happy.

Shopping, blogging and meeting friends and love ones are just a few!
I think it was since January I was trying to ‘catch up’ with my good friend from London.
The battle was about, which one of us will actually cross the water.
The only fair solution, was to find a place where both of us need to pack and find the way to get to - our choice was Brussels.
Therefore, now after amazing few days, I would like to share with you a few unique experiences I had!
Brussels is a very charming city, with a network of narrow streets and diverse architecture, a city where you can always smell waffles and hot chocolateThe city centre, a pentagon shape Grande Place, is very impressive. I definitely recommend a visit to the Gothic City HallBy that time you shouldn't be that hungry to stop by the chocolate museum for which Belgium is of course famous for around the world.

Oh! For the ’thirsty’ ones,  I need to mention the  Belgian beers, hundreds of which you can taste in bars all around the city. Each beer is served in a unique glass with a special shape which allow a drinker to properly feel all the flavours and aromas.  
On a sunny day, I definitely recommend Le Sablon, French district of the city, with enormous number of small restaurants and the central Grand Sablons where you should visit Notre-Dame du Sablon for its amazing stained glass.
And just to sum up, one last secret : Bonsoir Clara at Rue Antoine Dansaert, where apart from gourmet food, you can also admire an amazing design of this place.

For more images from the trip, feel more rhen invited to join me on IG @olajachymiak

Photos by Magda Nowak

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