26 March 2016

Terrasse du Bord de l'Eau

I was wearing

H&M Dress, Zara Gliter Shoes, Zadig&Voltaire Bag, RayBan Sunglasses

Fashion Week - You make it, or You break it !
Phooofff - the sound of relief can be finally made. The most important week of the fashion calendar is finally over . Paris is now allowed to slow down, lower back the prices and wait for the next event . To many of my non-fashion friends, FW is never ending. I am not sure if it’s because I am talking about it too much or its actually the truth ? I had a look at the calendar, and I couldn’t avoid the conclusion of how tight all the shows are. London - Milan - Paris - New York - its like never ending circle ! And here I go not even mentioning the other smaller countries which proudly host local designer's shows.
Lets just concentrate on a fashion calendar for Paris : JANUARY - PFW Homme / pre collections Femme AW16 FEBRUARY - Haute Couture MARCH - PFW Femme AW16 MAY - pre collections homme JUNE / JULY- PFW Homme / pre collections Femme SS17 JULY - Haute Couture SEPTEMBER - PFW Femme SS17 NOVEMBER - pre collections Homme
Nevertheless, the most important thing is the place the shows are taking the place. You can see a pattern with the "big name’s "shows . Its because they sign contracts with the locations for years, to be able to mutually promote each other. 
The best example are the Chanel shows, where "the classic meets the classic." Historically well known sides of Grande Palace are here to meet timeless clothing of Madame Gabriel “Coco” Chanel, by Karl Lagerfeld . I must admit, each season i can’t wait for this show. Spectacular interiors are the just a pure beauty to the eye, and fill me with satisfaction to my fashion and architectural soul.

From a few years, especially for the Fashion Week, a huge hall is constructed for Dior in the open part of the Luvre.

Once again, a massive tent in Jardin du Tuileries  was a venue for Valentino fashion show.

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  1. This is such a great post, I love your realistic attitude toward PFW. I've been scrolling your blog, it's fabulous, and your style is impeccable.

    crownonoxford.blogspot.com (Would absolutely love it if you took a sneaky peek :P)